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  *** Must read it before you join us *** (New Process Recruiting)

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 *** Must read it before you join us *** (New Process Recruiting) Empty
PostSubject: *** Must read it before you join us *** (New Process Recruiting)    *** Must read it before you join us *** (New Process Recruiting) Icon_minitimeFri Sep 10, 2010 3:43 am

To become a full member of our clan and wear the proud ~R4C~ tags, you will have to go through the joining process outlined below:

Step 1 - Tryout

A try-out needed at END to check up how you play/need training ...
you'll be in need to pass 2 scrims"1v1" in total of 5 scrims,EITHER you'll be passed IF the opposite player(s) said that you are a positive guy/player..THERE WILL BE LIST OF PLAYERS WHICH CAN DO THE TRY-OUT BELOW.

Step 2 - Recruit

~R*C~ tags - illustrate your basic Assault level
you must put your * in cyan color at the game the code is ^j

- 1 week trial period
- at the end of 1 week period, clan-wide vote will take place
- this vote will determine if you may proceed further onto Step 2
- to pass this vote, 70% is required

Step 3 - Private

~R*4*C~ tags - demonstrate your increased Royal level
you must put your A at green color to be a private level in the game the code is ^j

- 2 week period
- you are allowed to participate in the scrims
- our members will get to know you much better
- at the end of 2 week period, another clan-wide vote will be held
- this time, if our members decide that you are worthy of joining our clan, you will become a full-member and go onto Step 4.
- to pass this vote, 80% is required

Step 4 - Full Member

~R4C~ tags - you can wear your tags proudly, as you are now a full-member of the clan .
you must put this A on cyan color to be a member in the clan , in the game the code is ^5

Although, the joining process may seem rather long (infact to become a full member will require 3 weeks of your life), it guarantees and illustrates the excellent quality and dedication of our new members. If you respect the values and abide by the rules of this clan, you will likely have no barriers in becoming a part of the ~R4C~ family.

*note - Your tags may be of any color combination, but must contain one of the three given tags below according to your royal army clan level;

~R*C~name ~R*4*C~name ~R4C~name
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*** Must read it before you join us *** (New Process Recruiting)
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